Omni’s Newest Independent Board Member, Claudia Sáenz Amlie

Meet Claudia Sáenz Amlie, Omni Logistics’ newest independent board member.

Headshot of Claudia Amlie, Omni Logistics independent board member

Claudia is the Chief People Officer and Senior Vice President of Pet Paradise and NewDay Veterinary Care. She has over 25 years of experience in various industries, from financial services to B2B, and now pet healthcare services. Claudia previously held the role of Chief Human Resources Officer for EverBank (now TIAA), a public company providing financial services, and Acosta, a sales and marketing agency with more than 20,000 associates. “I’ve always loved that aspect of getting to know a business in and out and stepping in to provide different tools and programs,” Claudia says.

Expertise Building

Claudia wasn’t always in human resources. She began her career in corporate, M&A and securities law after earning a JD from The University of Florida College of Law. When she went in-house working as a General Counsel, she started taking on HR responsibilities. Claudia wasn’t sure at the time if pivoting into human resources was the right career move, but she embraced the challenge. Her career path ultimately led her to become a Chief People Officer. Claudia quickly realized that when she was working directly with employees, she was able to make a difference and inspire success in others. She found that even though her path brought her to unexpected places, it has been fulfilling.

Claudia has leveraged her background in law with her love of working with people throughout her career, and she has grown her expertise through embracing broadening opportunities and stretching outside her comfort zone. Claudia’s advice is to not be afraid to make a move when it comes to a new career opportunity. “I love jumping into something new and learning it. That’s who I am,” says Claudia.

Enhancing Culture using Technology

The use of technology impacts every business department, and human resources is no different. Claudia is a proponent of using technology tools to enhance culture. She has experience implementing new systems and recognizes the challenges that can arise. Technology platforms can be used to help diversify and engage the workforce, encouraging new ideas and driving performance when working together. “Technology can be used to help give employees much needed recognition,” says Claudia. She aims to celebrate employees from every background and empower them to achieve big goals.

Technology can help bridge the gap between employees with ideas to tangible success stories.

Being an Independent Board Member

When Claudia was approached with the opportunity to join Omni’s Board of Directors, she was excited to provide her support and expertise to the Omni team. A key function of her role as an Independent Board Member is to provide a fresh perspective and lend support to make ideas come alive. Claudia is looking forward to helping Omni with its big goals and is eager to extend her knowledge to help Omni continue to grow with its people at the forefront.  Claudia says, “What attracted me to Omni is that they truly value their people. It sends a strong message that they wanted a board member that specializes in human resources.”

We’re happy to have Claudia on board and can’t wait to see the positive impact she will make at Omni!

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