High Tech Logistics

When it comes to high tech logistics, we're ALL IN.

Looking for an experienced high tech logistics partner? Omni is all in. We offer decades of expertise in this precision conscious industry. Let us hand-tailor a cost-effective high tech logistics solution for you that includes secure, comprehensive, sensitive transportationdistribution, and value-added services. Omni knows how to handle your sensitive high tech equipment, ranging from networking equipment to mobile phones. Our high tech logistics customers consistently give us high ratings on our handling of their products, and our level of customer service.

In constant pursuit of the best high tech logistics solutions.

Omni provides an array of logistics services for the high tech industry, including climate-controlled warehousing and distribution, secure freight options, import/export capabilities, and even network setup and configuration. We work in many different industries including the telecommunications industry, LED lighting, high value tech, and semiconductor logistics. We are dedicated to finding the ideal solution for you, including transportation services geared toward reducing product cycle time and strategic project outsourcing to reduce fixed costs. Our mission is to help your company gain a competitive advantage by adding value to every step of your supply chain.

High Tech Logistics Man using laptop WMS
Hi Tech Warehouse Technology robot arm

High tech warehousing and distribution solutions.

We are committed to going the extra mile for our high tech customers’ warehousing and distribution needs. Here is a sampling of what you get:

  • Complete Global Warehouse Management and Distribution Services
  • Strategically Position Products for Quick Delivery
  • Duty / Tax Deferment Programs Available
  • Customized Labeling To Meet End Customer Specifications
  • Serial Number Tracking and Scanning
  • RMA Services Including Inspection and Repack to Stock
  • Climate-Controlled Warehouse Space for Sensitive Equipment
  • Ability to Work Live in Your ERP
  • High-security Facilities
  • Flexible Staffing for Quarter-End, Year-End and Holiday Crunch Times

High tech transportation solutions.

Using technology in the warehouse
Customers using Omni's WMS and TMS Technology

Immediate benefits that you'll see.

Omni is here to make a noticeable difference to your high tech supply chain logistics.

  • Reduce product cycle time
  • Increase end-to-end visibility in your supply chain
  • Strategic locations around the world
  • Save money on operational expenses, fixed overhead and taxes

WMS for the high tech sector.

Every high tech company is different. That is why Omni is flexible in how we work with you.

  • Manage all inventory and order fulfillment within a single portal
  • Ability to work live in customers ERP / MRP, through our WMS or a combination
  • Ability to quickly create customized product labeling and documentation
Logistics manager using smart technology in warehouse

When it comes to high tech logistics solutions, we're ALL IN. Get in touch.

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