A Los Angeles Freight Forwarder’s Dream

A Big Step for Los Angeles Freight Forwarding

The Omni team has 20+ years of Los Angeles freight forwarding experience and is excited to expand services at a bigger and better location within the Los Angeles area. Omni Los Angeles has grown significantly in the past few years and needed more space to spread its wings with new opportunities.  

Ty Bradford, Omni’s LAX station manager, was tasked with the challenge of getting warehousing and office space in one convenient location for Los Angeles freight forwarding customers.  

Los Angeles freight forwarding station manager headshot
Ty Bradford, Station Manager at Omni Los Angeles

“It was a 6 month process for us but we ended up nailing down the one in the centralized area we needed.” Luckily, Ty was able to secure a great deal of space at a central spot in Torrance, CA. “This Los Angeles location is a freight forwarder’s dream!” The new Los Angeles freight forwarding warehouse and office space is a prime location for imports and exports due to easy access to Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, and near LAX airport. 

How much growth are we talking about in Los Angeles?

Well, Omni Los Angeles has grown to 75+ employees with room for more! The square footage has more than doubled from 100k sqft to over 250k sqft. The new Los Angeles warehouse will also have 36 ft high ceilings, up from 24-foot ceilings at the last location. It will also include 42 dock doors instead of 16 at the previous location. With all this new growth, there are 10,000 pallet positions available for new customers to utilize in their supply chains. 

Omni’s carrier network will also benefit from the new location. “The truck network will come together and it will all operate out of our new facility. A larger facility with more space will consolidate freight longer, build more direct loads, and create higher load capacities. This will benefit the entire network.” says Ty. 

New Amenities

Let’s be honest. The logistics industry is not known for bells and whistles. However, this new location is about to change that. New amenities include enhanced break rooms in each of the three sections of new office space. The space also includes a driver’s lounge including showers for our drivers to feel fresh after a long day’s work.” Ty says. “The central location will also give employees access to more lunchtime options. 

What Logistics Services can I get at Omni Los Angeles?

Omni’s Los Angeles location will provide a wide range of services and specialize in:  

Los Angeles skyline with Omni Logistics freight forwarding location

What industry specific services can I get at Omni Los Angeles?

Omni Los Angeles provides specialized logistics services for various industries.  

Retail logistics services are available at Omni Los Angeles. Omni has aided retailers in cutting transit times by 4-5 days. The Omni Los Angeles team has also limited chargebacks from big box retailers up to 50% for many types of customers including high tech clients looking to sell their products in store.  

Omni Los Angeles has handled a significant number of life science logistics services including laboratory moves, transportation for biotechnology equipment, and shipping life science tools including time-sensitive diabetes equipment. 

Aerospace and aviation logistics services are also provided at Omni Los Angeles. Ty says, “We’ve got the carriers, airlines, and ocean providers that all understand the complexities of how to do [aerospace and aviation logistics]. A customer that gives us their engine can trust us. They can give it to us then go to sleep and know that their shipment is taken care of.” 

New Opportunities in LAX

The new Los Angeles location will be open and operating by February 2022. The Omni Los Angeles team is excited and ready for new opportunities in LAX and expanded services for customers. 

“It’s exciting times to be with Omni. Omni is committed to the growth in Los Angeles and the market that we’re in. We know this building will fill up fast because of the market. It opens a lot of doors in Los Angeles allowing for more opportunities for new services.” says Ty. “This is a 10 year long lease, so we’ve got skin in the game. We’re committed to this market.” 

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