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When it comes to relocation logistics, we're ALL IN.

Looking for a master of data center relocation? Looking for a resource that can help with your next laboratory move? Omni is at your disposal. Our solid background in white glove services means we are totally prepared to handle such sensitive projects as data center and laboratory relocations. Our attention to detail, proprietary processes, and years of experience promise that every laboratory or data center relocation goes smoothly.

Data center and laboratory relocation logistics that check every box.

Omni makes sure each data center and laboratory relocation goes off without a hitch. Our standard operating procedures for these relocations include a 34-point checklist. This thorough checklist covers the relocation before, during, and after shipment. Plus, we offer multiple tailor-made inventory lists for all other pieces involved in the project.

Expert Relocators in a data center

A trained team you can trust.

Omni engages each of our employees in extensive training to handle projects of this nature that includes worksheets, forms, checklists, and specific procedures to follow to ensure smooth, secure execution.

Planning. Planning. Planning.

Data center migrations are complex operations that require a high level of understanding and planning. Risks and complexities are commonplace. Omni’s processes include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-Planning meeting
  • Site-Survey to evaluate the complexities of the site and assess the type of assets and locations within the site to determine time and labor required
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Security and Risk Management Plan
  • Specialized Transportation Load and Process Management
  • Compliance and Training programs for field teams
  • ON-Asset tracking devices for all assets
  • Cyber-Security Risk Management Plan
  • Sealed Exclusive Use Vehicle
  • Secured Containers
  • Security Guard Escorts
  • Pre-Planned Routing
  • Pre-Planning Mandatory Documentation and Project Management Specialists who understand high-security, high-value IT logistics
  • Packaging Procedures for each type of asset – cabinets, servers, racks etc.

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