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When minutes matter, trust Omni for your expedited logistics. Maybe your business requires you to utilize expedited options from time to the time, or maybe you need them all the time. Whether you need us to send an expedited shipment multiple times a day or once a month in an emergency, we’ve got you covered. Omni is designed to be flexible, and we have long-term partnerships that enable us to get anything you need across the world in the shortest time possible. Whether that means getting something across your city, across your country, or across an ocean, we can handle your expedited logistics in a time critical manner faster than anyone else in the industry, with better tracking to help your peace of mind the entire time.

Next Flight Out (NFO) expertise.

One of the many expedited services we provide is Next Flight Out (NFO) logistics. In order to provide our customers with the quickest possible transit of their urgent shipments throughout the world, Omni offers next flight out air freight services. With an NFO shipment, we have one of our couriers pick up your package from your specified location and deliver it to the airline with the most efficient, fastest route. Once the package arrives at its destination, another one of our couriers will pick up the package from the airport and deliver it to its final location, or you can have it held at the airport for pickup. Many of our clients appreciate NFO logistics for the ability to avoid downtime and delays in their supply chain.

Next flight out expedited shipment ready to board airplane with sunrise in background

Expedited logistics experience.

For more than three decades, Omni Logistics has provided expedited logistics solutions to our customers throughout the world. These years of experience have allowed us to refine and perfect our processes, infrastructure and global partnerships so that our customers receive industry leading service and support.

We’ve learned that to provide industry leading global expedited logistics there are many critical components that need to be in place. Here are just a few of them:

  • A 24/7/365 centralized global NFO monitoring center “Control Tower”
  • A solid IT infrastructure that includes customized web based operating “Dashboards”
  • Multi-tiered local and global account management and support
  • Uniform processes and procedures
  • Proven vendors and partners
  • Comprehensive quality control program
  • Mutually developed and executed implementation plan
  • Industry leading on-time delivery performance

The best routes for the best results.

Omni’s expedited logistics services and shipments are the answer to your unique needs for expedited cargo. Thanks to our successful, long-term partnerships with transportation companies worldwide, we have access to virtually any kind of aircraft or vehicle, including expedited air freight. This enables us to optimize routes for each and every shipment.

With these optimized routes available to us, we are consistently able to provide the fastest possible delivery times. We are able to combine our On Board Courier services with any of our transportation solutions, including our best-in-class Next Flight Out service, to ensure that your delivery is made on or ahead of schedule. When it comes to express services, our passion, commitment, and capability are unmatched.

We excel in delivering mission critical shipments in many different scenarios such as:

  • Expedited parts delivery to prevent factory “lines down” situations
  • Ensuring one of a kind prototypes are delivered quickly and safely
  • Delivering samples of newly designed products (NPI) to end customers for design win purposes
  • Expedited returns of defective parts for failure analysis
  • Medical device replacements direct to patients for defective device replacement
  • Meeting revenue recognition deadlines
man holding expedited shipment for hand carry

On board courier / hand carry.

We understand. Time is of the essence. If you have a product that needed to be there yesterday, trust Omni to hand carry your shipment to its destination. One of our trained employees will pick up your package, board a passenger or chartered jet, and hand carry your delivery to its destination. With unmatched chain of custody, where shipments never leave the hands of our courier until they’re delivered, this service is the fastest, most secure way to get your urgent or sensitive delivery across the country or around the world.

Our expedited air freight solutions.

Our expedited logistics ground freight solutions.

Specialized cargo transportation.

Unmatched customer service.

The last thing you need to worry about is poor customer service when dealing with expedited shipments. We take great care of our clients, actively monitoring and reporting on all shipments and providing a dedicated team to provide immediate answers and assistance.

  • 24/7/365 Service – Global NFO Control Tower Operations
  • All Shipments Constantly Monitored
  • Dedicated Account Management Teams
  • Custom Support Programs

Expedited FAQ

Expedited brokerage involves transporting goods on a prioritized basis, typically using air or ground transportation. Omni Logistics offers extensive expedited brokerage services to meet the needs of customers requiring time-sensitive deliveries.

The costs associated with expedited brokerage services are typically higher than standard transportation services due to the need for faster delivery.

The speed of expedited shipping varies depending on the mode of transportation used, but it is generally faster than standard shipping.

When utilizing expedited brokerage, customs clearance operates similarly to standard brokerage services. However, expedited brokerage services prioritize the shipment’s clearance process, ensuring a faster turnaround time for customs clearance. Omni Logistics has a team of customs experts who expedite the process, ensuring quick and seamless clearance.

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