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Effective cross docking is a critical part of ensuring that every link in the supply chain functions in a timely, efficient manner. Dependable, well thought out cross docking logistics are a crucial part of Omni’s smart routing process.

Cross docking services at their best.

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Our cross docking services help overcome one of the chief complexities of supply chain management. So what exactly is cross docking? Simply put, cross docking is the act of unloading materials from an inbound shipment and combining them with other materials or re-processing them for final delivery. All with little or no storage in between.

Cross docking logistics. A streamlined process.
By breaking down incoming shipments at the dock, matching them with pending orders and / or instructions, then reloading the cargo for its next destination, cross docking eliminates the storage and labor costs of conventional warehousing.

Omni understands the need to move product quickly to match demand, so we offer numerous services to streamline your cross dock processes.

Cross dock logistics services

  • Loading and unloading
  • Pallet breaking and repacking
  • Export consolidation for complete fulfillment
  • Import deconsolidation and distribution of product
  • Streamlined supply chain from point of origin to destination
  • Tracking ability to see end-to-end cross dock movement
  • Flexibility in our network of transportation providers
  • Origin masking: paperwork / label reprocessing to protect confidential information
  • Climate-controlled environments to maintain optimal product conditions

Tangible benefits

  • Reduction in warehouse and distribution costs
  • Quick, reliable delivery times
  • Reduction in costs related to operating, handling and inventory storage
  • Increase in productivity and order fill rates
  • Reduction in delivery lead times

Global WMS services

  • Management of all inventory and order fulfillment within a single portal
  • Ability to work live in customer ERP/MRP systems through any WMS
  • Ability to quickly create product labeling and documentation
  • Worldwide availability

Cross docking. An effective way to reduce transportation costs.

Omni’s cross docking service not only streamlines your warehousing and distribution, but also helps decrease your inventory levels. And using our cross dock solutions will enable you to decrease your inventory carrying time to hours instead of months. All of which saves you time and money.

Skillfully planned and executed cross docking procedures are our specialty. Let us show you how we can develop a tailor-made cross docking solution for increased efficiency in your supply chain.

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