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For over 3 decades, Omni Logistics has provided top-tier global 3PL warehousing & distribution services for our customers in many industries ranging from high tech to healthcare. Omni offers reliable and comprehensive warehousing and distribution solutions including cross dock logisticsfree trade zone solutions, and specialized services such as kittingsmall pack, and many more. Our warehouse and distribution centers are strategically located throughout the world and offer a wide array of flexible services that are aimed to add maximum value to your supply chain.

Unlike other logistics companies, Omni doesn’t offer one-size-fits-all logistics solutions. We go above and beyond the ordinary to build long-term partnerships and develop customized warehousing and distribution programs to meet your exact needs. Omni’s warehousing and distribution solutions provide an effective way to reduce overall costs, increase the end-to-end visibility in your supply chain, and reduce customer delivery time, leading to an increase in your bottom line and end customer satisfaction.

Logistics & supply chain solutions tailored for you - Omni Logistics

Explore our Third Party Logistics (3PL) services - from straightforward warehousing to complex international solutions.

Logistics & supply chain solutions tailored for you - Omni Logistics

Free Trade Solutions (FTZ) leverage special advantages that you may be missing out on.

Cross Docking Employee Unloading Truck

Cross Docking can be a mission critical part of your supply chain by streamlining transportation and warehousing efficiency.

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When every requirement has to be met, try Omni's Managed Pickup & Delivery services to make sure it is done right.

Warehousing / Value Added Services FAQ

Warehousing pertains to the storage of goods in a facility before they are distributed to customers. Value-added services, on the other hand, are additional services that warehousing providers offer to enhance the value of their offerings, such as packaging, labeling, and kitting.

Selecting a reliable and secure warehouse involves considering factors such as location, capacity, security measures, technology and automation, and reputation. Omni Logistics offers secure and technologically advanced warehousing facilities in strategic locations, ensuring reliable storage for our customers’ goods.

Ensuring the safety and security of goods in a warehouse entails choosing a facility with robust security measures such as surveillance cameras, alarms, and access control. Implementing inventory management software to track products and monitor their movement can also help.

The costs associated with warehousing and value-added services depend on factors like the location and size of the facility, the services provided, and the volume of goods stored. Costs may include rent, utilities, labor, and equipment. Omni Logistics offers competitive pricing for our warehousing and value-added services, providing cost-effective solutions for our customers.

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