Medical Device Logistics

When it comes to time-critical medical logistics, we're ALL IN.

Whether it’s delivering medical devices or coordinating the end-to-end medical logistics of a company’s manufacturing, we’re ALL IN. Omni Logistics maintains an unmatched order fulfillment rate. Our team of logistics professionals are committed to making sure your medical cargo is delivered on time and on the money. Day in. Day out. If you are seeking a medical logistics partner that will never let you down, we are 100% certain you have come to the right place.

Nearly 40 years of medical logistics solutions.
Over the years, Omni Logistics has provided innovative world-class medical logistics solutions to a wide variety of medical device providers. We understand the unique importance placed on timeliness, security, and reliability in this life-giving industry. Our medical device logistics solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the device provider no matter the size of the company, from the new start-up to the large multinational corporation.

Your one call medical logistics company.
When you make Omni Logistics your medical logistics company, tracking your cargo status is easy. One call puts you in touch with our 24/7/365 customer support, ready to answer any question. Plus, our web-based tracking technology lets you know where your medical device is at any point of transit, with automated alerts to simplify your world.

Innovative Healthcare and Medical Logistics Solutions - Omni Logistics

The transportation you need

Medical devices require precise logistical timing and careful handling. Whether you’re transporting a medical device across town or across the globe, we are ALL IN. Here are some of the time-critical medical logistics services available to you:

Medical Logistics technology in warehouse

Warehousing and distribution

Looking for a way to save on operational expenses? Our medical logistics services can help you reduce your overhead, taxes, and liabilities. Let Omni Logistics tailor a warehouse and distribution supply chain that fits your particular needs and goals. Here is a sampling of what we offer:

  • Turnkey warehouse management and distribution services
  • Flexible management solutions
  • Climate-controlled environments
  • Seamless adoption of our customers’ processes and procedures
  • High-level inspection and disposition handling
medical device closeup centrifuge

Advanced technology

Medical devices require top technology from manufacturing to delivery. And every step in between. Our IT and WMS solutions deliver flawless, accurate results. Every day of the week. Here is what this state-of-the-art technology ensures:

  • Web-based availability
  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust online shipment tracking
  • Global access
  • IT experts in place around the world
  • Inventory management ease
  • Single portal for inventory management
  • Label customization
  • Quick creation of documents
  • Hassle-free programing and customization
  • HIPAA compliant and secure warehouse management system
  • SAP, Oracle and other ERP software compatibility
  • Individualized customer reports
  • Complete EDI solutions for freight, distribution, invoicing, etc.
Security looking at computer

The utmost security

When you need to transport highly sensitive medical devices, Omni Logistics provides you with total peace of mind. Our robust, specialized security system makes sure your precious cargo gets to its final destination securely and confidentially.

  • Ability to securely manage your shipment at all points of transit
  • Secure tracking through reliable EDI links
  • Customized security standards
  • ISO13485 and ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • HIPAA compliant systems and employee training

When it comes to time critical solutions for the medical device industry, we're ALL IN. Get in touch today.

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