Expedited Freight and Hot Shots

Expedited freight, hot shots, get in here…and fast!

Expedited freight has become a popular method of freight forwarding due to their fast-paced nature. They help get materials and items to their destination by the fastest route possible. From a small box to a full truckload, hotshots are there when you need them to be.

What is expedited freight?

Expedited freight means just that, a quicker way for your freight to reach its destination. Hot shots are another word for expedited freight. Both words mean the same type of freight forwarding service.

When you need something delivered in a set timeframe on a dedicated vehicle with ‘round the clock tracking and care, expedites are the way to go. Whether the freight is straightforward point A to point B or requires some white glove handling, expedited hot shots have become a very popular method of freight forwarding.

Dean Akins, Omni Logistics’ Expedite Operations Manager, explains “The basic goal of expedites at Omni is to find a dedicated ground freight option at a competitive rate. We do that by having a large base of hotshot carriers that understand the high level of service we expect.”

Hotshots require better planning and logistics management. That includes the type of truck it goes out on to the person delivering the shipment. “We specialize in vehicles smaller than your standard 53 foot or flatbed including cargo vans, sprinters, straight trucks, and goosenecks. Every truck we book, you are getting a dedicated EUV [exclusive use vehicle]”, Akins says.

The precious cargo being delivered is the keystone of the route. There are no additional stops along the way. It is a fast-tracked shipment taking the most efficient route to its destination.

How do I know if I will need expedited freight?

Most customers, at some point, will need to use hotshot services.

Here are some examples of different types of companies needing expedited freight services:

skycams medical equipment and atms illustration
  • ATM machine goes out and needs repairs
  • Medical equipment provider sending out testing machines to hospitals and research facilities
  • Skycams for football games

“I have moved everything from a life size dinosaur in pieces to band equipment for a concert to emergency relief supplies in a disaster area during my 9 year career in logistics.” Akins says.

Any type of company may need rushed freight forwarding services whether they have a shipment needing urgent delivery and/or special handling.

Where can I ship expedited freight?

There is no limit on the distance that an expedited shipment can cover within the continental US and Canada. Whether it be a domestic move or a move across the country, expedited services help make sure your shipment arrives on time and undamaged.

Why Expedite?

Expedited freight is not always the easiest or most affordable way to ship. But it’s the fastest and most reliable (if your 3pl company communicates with you every step of the way). Akins says, “The world of expedites can be stressful at times due to the importance of the freight we carry, but the satisfaction makes it all worth it!”

Tracking and real time information are expected from logistics companies in today’s world. Customer service and tracking play a key role in an efficient shipping process. A dedicated tracking team is essential so your expedited freight can be tracked at any time. This gives customers peace of mind by knowing their shipment is on schedule.


Expedited freight is a faster way of transporting shipments to their destination. Every customer has different expectations and priorities that can change at any time. Logistics companies have an opportunity to customize their customer’s supply chain based on their time and frequency requirements with expedited logistics. If you have a shipment that needs to get somewhere as fast as possible, expedites can be your best solution.

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