Omni Logistics CEO Nominated for Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award 2022

Omni Logistics CEO Nominated for Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award 2022

Omni Logistics (Omni) CEO, JJ Schickel, has been nominated for the Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award for Omni’s incredible continued success. Omni, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a multibillion-dollar, mode-agnostic logistics solutions provider that was founded in 2000. Now with over 4,500 employees in 20+ countries, Omni is making big moves in the supply chain industry.

How has Omni been able to sustain a successful strategy through the supply chain challenges of the last few years? “The culture of success starts with the people,” says JJ. “A big part of that is clarity around our mission.” The mission of Omni Logistics is to empower global commerce through human and technological connection. This mission is powered by a corporate strategy that keeps its customers’ needs at the forefront.

With this goal of prioritizing customer needs at top of mind, Omni continues to invest in capabilities and technologies that data tells us customers need. “Our core mission is to grow the business enough to be on the forefront of technology and scale to provide a great price and service for our customers,” says JJ. “We have to continue to get bigger including using big data…and use that scale to push down price to get a great outcome for the customer.”

The hard work has proven itself out over time as customers stay with Omni and adding new services within the Omni service portfolio. 70% of Omni’s revenue in 2021 came from expanding existing customer relationships, Omni’s top 10 customers have an average tenure of 13 years, and two-thirds of Omni’s top 50 customers use 5 or more services.

Omni’s success with JJ leading the way has been a triumph indeed. He views this nomination as a shared achievement. “This nomination reflects the hard work and dedication of everyone working at Omni. Each employee has contributed to Omni’s success.” says JJ.

The Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award identifies Texas business leaders that exemplify excellence and are on a path to success in their business. This award recognizes leaders and businesses that challenge the impossible and inspire other businesses to do the same. 

Award winners will be announced on May 9, 2022, at the Executive Summit & Awards Event.

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