Case Study: Global Electronics Manufacturer


A unique logistics solution for a unique electronics challenge.

Our client is a global electronics manufacturer who was in need of a very unique logistics solution.

The Challenge

Our client’s challenge was clear. They needed to deliver new digital projection systems to thousands of theaters across the United States. The theaters would need to be thoroughly and painstakingly retrofitted to adapt to the new technology. All in a small window of time.

The Solution

Omni Logistics managed delivery team coordinated the 4-person install teams to collaborate with the electronics company’s field engineers and theatre personnel at each uniquely configured location. A path in and path out logistical solution was developed with precise asset serialization of the new equipment. This thorough preplanning resulted in a smooth and timely installation with no loss of revenue for the theatres. Thorough reverse logistics delivered the legacy projectors for responsible recycling. The successful outcome was the result of Omni’s stringent pre-calls, robust site surveys, and detailed planning.

The logistical requirements for these digital projector conversions are very complex and require a lot of this equipment. But through collaboration and experts working with experts we got the job done. Every single theatre.

Electronics case study

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