Direct-to-Consumer Cross-Border E-Commerce

Cross-Border E-Commerce Solutions Using Section 321 Entry Type 86

Cross border ecommerce can be challenging to navigate each country’s regulations and restrictions. The smallest detail can delay a shipment or affect your bottom line. That’s where Omni comes in. We manage your shipments down to the last detail and look for areas where you can save time and money importing to the U.S. When it comes to cross-border e-commercewe use Section 321 Entry Type 86 clearance to do just that.  

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Your E-Commerce Competitive Advantage

As e-commerce continues to grow astronomically (4 trillion by 2023!), e-commerce platforms need to keep up with competition. One way to maintain a competitive advantage is by saving costs in duties, VAT, and taxes. 

In 2016, the United States raised de minimus from $200 to $800, making it the highest de minimus worldwide. This threshold raise allows direct-to-consumer e-commerce businesses to import shipments into the US up to $800 without passing on the burden of taxes to customers. Using Omni’s global network, your e-commerce supply chain becomes simplified and more cost-effective giving you a competitive advantage over other e-commerce companies. Simplifying your e-commerce Customs compliance is key to keeping your customers happy.

Section 321 Entry Type 86 for E-Commerce Shipments

Section 321 Type 86 Entries can save your business money by expediting the Customs process at no extra cost to you. Cross-border, low-value e-commerce shipments can be imported faster than ever using Section 321 Entry Type 86. Type 86 Entry benefits include:

Expedited Customs Clearance

Duty-Free Imports

Electronic Filing

Final Mile Zone Skipping

Available through Cross-Border Air, Ground, and Ocean Freight

Cross-Border Visibility

Omni’s strives to be fully transparent with our customers and their shipments. We provide a fully customizable dashboard that shows true visibility on your shipments including:

  • Customer Network
  • Delays and On Time Percentage
  • Milestones
  • Proactive Alerts
  • Transit Time

Direct-to-Consumer Benefit

There are many benefits to shipping directly to your consumer from your origin country. Our Direct-to-Consumer Cross-Border services can help you:

  • Minimize Transportation Time
  • Expedite Customs Clearance Time
  • Balance Inventory Between Origin Country and Destination Country
  • Simplify Customs Process
  • Save on Duties and Taxes
  • Maintain Visibility on All E-Commerce Shipments

Expedited & Duty-Free E-Commerce Imports

Learn more about how our Customs experts save our e-commerce customers time and money using Section 321 Type 86 entry into the United States.

U.S. Customs Brokerage with Omni Trade Services

Our U.S. Customs compliance services can ensure your e-commerce shipments are cleared in a compliant, expedited, and cost-efficient process.

Global Customs and Compliance

Looking for more global Customs solutions? Omni’s global Customs experts are here to help you navigate the complexities of domestic and cross-border trade compliance.

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