Section 321 Entry Type 86

Navigating Section 321 Entry Type 86 Clearance

Section 321 Entry Type 86 Customs clearance can be complicated due to changing economic and political factors. But no need to worry. Omni Logistics has your back with expertise to save you time and money on your Section 321 shipments. Omni’s Section 321 experts can minimize your transportation time and balance your inventory between destination country and origin country all while giving you full visibility on your e-commerce shipments. Section 321 Entry Type 86 can allow your company to be more dynamic and give you an edge in the competitive e-commerce market.

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What is Section 321?

Section 321 is a regulation used for international shipping that describes de mimimus. De minimus is a Latin term meaning “about minimal things”. It was established through an amendment of The Tariff Act of 1930 to reduce administrative expenses on low-value imports. Each country sets an amount that acts as a threshold for being charged duties or taxes for imports.

In the United States, de minimus is currently set to $800. That means international goods valued $800 or less can enter the U.S. duty & tax-free, per person, per day. Any imports above $800 will be susceptible to applicable tax.

How to save time and money by declaring Section 321 Entry Type 86 Clearance

By partnering with Omni Logistics, you have access to multiple Customs experts that are looking out for your best interest. Our goal is to save you money by expediting your shipments through Customs while only paying for duties when you need to. Our experts stay up-to-date with constantly changing regulations, so you can rely on us to get it done right the first time and every time. With Omni’s Section 321 Entry Type 86 clearance, you can cut costs on:

  • Duties, VAT, Taxes
  • Inventory Costs
  • Pick and Pack Costs
  • Labelling Costs
  • Final Mile Transportation Costs


When importing to the U.S., knowing what items are restricted is beneficial to save time and money. Omni’s Section 321 Entry Type experts can help you navigate Customs restrictions and provide you with a solution best suited for your business. Restrictions include but are not limited to:

FDA regulated products such as food and beverages

Some Tobacco and Alcohol Products

Items subject to quota

Items subject to Antidumping/Countervailing Duty

Items taxed under the Internal Revenue Code

Low-Value Shipments and Express Section 321 Type 86 Clearance

Section 321 shipments are entered as informal Customs entries on an individual shipment basis. This type of entry is typically applied to low-value shipments for either personal or commercial purposes. By utilizing Type 86 Clearance, your low-value shipments can quickly cross borders duty-free.

Expedited E-Commerce Through Type 86 Entry

U.S. Customs launched Type 86 entries in 2019 which allows for a more cost-efficient way to file Section 321 shipments. E-Commerce shipments specifically benefit from Type 86 entries by expediting shipments at no extra cost. Before 2019, there were only two ways to navigate Section 321 clearance:

Standard – 1-7 day clearance time

Express Consignment Courier Facility (ECCF) – express clearance at $1.08 fee per entry

Now with Type 86 entry, cross-border, low-value shipments can be completed through Automated Broker Interface (ABI) using a harmonized tariff code (HTS) allowing your e-commerce shipments to get through Customs quicker than ever. Benefits of using Type 86 Entries include:

Expedited Customs Clearance

Electronic Filing

Available through Cross-Border Air, Ground, and Ocean Freight

Duty-Free Imports

Zone Skipping

U.S. Customs Brokerage with Omni Trade Services

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