Omni Logistics Apex Conference Awards 2022

Omni Logistics (Omni) held its first annual Apex sales conference from February 21st to the 24th in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. The goal of the Apex conference is to enrich our sales team by aligning Omni’s strategy for our growing organization, discovering exciting new capabilities, and getting to know our expanding team. 

For the first time this year, and as a surprise to all our reps, Omni presented our first annual sales awards and unveiled the formation of two new sales clubs for exceptional salespeople who have gone above and beyond for Omni customers. Criteria are robust and factors in revenue numbers and dedication, among other items. The awards are separated into two levels: Apex and Summit.

Once an Omni sales team member earns an Apex or Summit award, they immediately become members of the exclusive Apex or Summit club. Each club provides elite perks including paid vacations and access to exclusive gear.

Apex Award Winners

Our Apex award winners have shown tremendous value to our customers and are the best of the best on the sales team. These first-class team members deserve recognition for their continued dedication to Omni and our clients: 

  • Harold Hurwitz  
  • Antoine Issa 
  • Scott Berlin 
  • Norman Chang 
  • Kirk Stauff 
  • Brad Stogner 
  • Ray Torres 
  • John Cottom  
  • Yohanse Manzanarez 

Welcome to the Apex Club!

Summit Award Winners

Our Summit award winners are stand-out team members that exceed expectations both for our customers and the Omni team. These team members have earned much appreciation for their outstanding efforts:  

  • Sean Hogue 
  • Marianne Wilson 
  • Tony Scharle  
  • Michael Strohacker 
  • Dave Hall 
  • Jeff Bokor 
  • Casey Spelman

Welcome to the Summit Club!

Congratulations to all Apex and Summit winners! We are looking forward to seeing who will join the clubs next year! 

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