Omni Logistics CIO Nominated as CIO of the Year

Omni Logistics CIO Nominated for CIO of the Year

Christi Liebe, CIO of Omni Logistics (Omni), was recently selected as a finalist for the 2022 Dallas CIO of the Year® ORBIE® Awards. Omni Logistics, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is one of the largest privately held third-party logistics providers in the world, with over 4,050 employees in over 20 countries. Christi has been recognized as a finalist for this award for guiding Omni to be the technology-led logistics company it is today. 

“A key pillar of our digital transformation strategy is changing our culture and our technology platform to be data and insights driven.” Christi says. 

Christi has led the technology team to great success by implementing several impactful technologies and procedures guiding Omni’s digital transformation.  

Business Intelligence Dashboards

New operational dashboards, being delivered real-time from our new data warehouse, have been rolled out to 500+ operations personnel. Business partners use these dashboards to improve operations health, analyze vendor spend, as well as to reduce cash-to-cash time cycles by 20%. 

Data Integration

Omni’s modern, highly scalable data integration platform has enabled an assembly of a robust data science team. Omni’s technology strategy has enabled the use of AI and ML to value engineer operations and drive economies of scale. Additionally, Omni’s platform approach has enabled ESG (environmental, social, governance) initiatives by allowing Omni to democratize our technology to smaller players in the freight industry and by empowering us to measure and focus on reducing our carbon footprint. 

Data Security

Omni has also implemented, as a single modernized comprehensive function, cybersecurity, data protection, and compliance. Included in this were cybersecurity and data protection policies and procedures that have received high marks from external auditors. Further, Omni has experienced no cybersecurity breaches or ransomware attacks. 

Disaster Preparedness

In response to COVID-19, Omni’s collaborative disaster preparedness planning allowed a quick implementation of a well-tested pandemic response plan. Omni employees transitioned to a full WFH model over the course of several weeks with minimal operational impact. This was a huge success at a time when many freight forwarders sadly went out of business. 

Strategic Initiatives

Throughout her time at Omni, Christi has had 3 main strategic initiatives for her team: 

  1. Maximizing customer experience through elevated trust. By providing full visibility and transparency via our data exchange and integration capabilities, customers know exactly where they stand at every moment throughout their journey with Omni. 
  2. Increasing operational efficiency and further elevating quality via automation capabilities. With laser-focus on customer needs, embracing artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, autonomously guided vehicles, and continuously scanning the environment for added technological innovation opportunities. 
  3. People + Technology = Possibilities Realized. Every Day. This mantra kept her team consistently focused on business innovation and expanding customer offerings that will fill critical customer needs. 

Continued Success

Since Christi joined Omni as CIO, Omni has grown immensely and plans on keeping it up. 70% of Omni’s annual growth comes from existing customers. Cross-selling is the foundational underpinning for growth. It is made possible via IT-provided tools, data insights, and analytics which enables the customer base to grow revenue at 2.5x the industry average. Success for Omni’s customers equals success for Omni. 

“Success is well-developed people and partnerships that fuel a self-sustaining organization that continues to deliver value and exceed expectations well beyond my organizational tenure.” says Christi. 

About the Award

The CIO of the Year ORBIE Awards is the premier technology executive recognition program in the United States. Since its beginning in 1998, over 1,800 CIOs have been honored as finalists and over 400 CIO of the Year winners have received the prestigious ORBIE Award. The ORBIE honors chief information officers, and those in equivalent roles, who have proven excellence in technology leadership.

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