The 5 Major Industries That Require Expedited Shipping and Logistics Services

Sometimes you can’t afford to have your shipment take several days to reach its final destination. Either because the shipment is sensitive in nature or there’s a sudden demand that you could have anticipated, getting a shipment to its destination quickly is a priority. For those times, you may need expedited shipping services. Regarding transportation, for example, this is a necessary cost-containment key that one should consider. If a company is working with carriers and couriers, the products should be transported in a timely, safe and efficient manner, thereby managing business costs. Although expedited shipping is a component of other shipping services, the use of air freight is primarily for expedited shipping.

These logistics solutions are now becoming a part of doing everyday business for companies that need to make fast deliveries on a regular basis. Below are some of the industries that require expedited shipping and logistic services.


It does not matter the type of devices or time-sensitive samples you are shipping, you need an option that can quickly get your medical items to another in time, which might save money, and lives. Expedited shipping and logistics companies should handle with care your shipping procedures, emergency supplies, specimens for lab testing, organ transplant, or blood transfusion will get to where they need to go as quick as they can.


This is a type of industry that deals with life and death situations daily, having the right medications at the right time is crucial. If a shipment of medicines is delayed, this can make a huge difference in the quality of care that patients receive. Expedited shipping providers in the pharmaceutical industry make sure they follow the security needs, regulatory requirements that will keep medications at the right temperature. The benefit? Expedited shipping can make a quick delivery and still follow the proper precautions.


In the world of online retail growing at a fast speed, customers want their orders quickly, and this can help business cut down on competition with the other big retailers. It can even put their business ahead of other e-commerce companies that offer a local way of shipping. Expedited shipping can give online stores that advantage of getting more orders, and repeat customers.


When manufacturing companies need to get some critical materials quickly from their warehouse. Expedited shipping and logistics will keep your operation profitable by preventing downtime, unnecessary inventory costs, and missed delivery deadlines. However, some delays can keep your product from hitting the market on time can be made up for if you have an expedited shipping solution at the ready. With an expedited strategy in place, you will be able to keep your promises to distributors and customers.


This industry sells the highest volume of product once a year possibly including holiday-themed pop-up stores. With the help of an expedited shipping provider, your business will not be running out of stock when customers are buying most, and they will also help you cut down on inventory costs. Holidays like Halloween and Christmas goods only sell well during the weeks leading up the holidays; your business can’t afford to wait on a shipment for days.

Convenience and dependability are the top reasons for using an expedited shipping and logistics company. They can be beneficial for both overseas and domestic shipments. Businesses use these services to meet demands, operate efficiently, and build a reliable reputation.

If your company is in need of getting a shipment as quickly as possible to the destination, let Omni Logistics be your expedited shipper today. Send us a message and let us help you out!

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